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Video game writing niches you can fill

One sneaky way to success in the video game journalism field is to fill a niche market, those tiny corners of the business that don’t exist or are poorly represented. The goal isn’t to pick a niche and shoehorn yourself into it. Instead, write about what interests you on your blog. Eventually you’ll notice you lean towards certain topics. Follow that lean, and as you gain knowledge and experience you’ll begin to master the niche. Then it’s time to push your talent like there’s no tomorrow.

Examples of niche markets in video games:

  • Independent gaming (this is less and less true with each passing year)
  • Genre-specific (RPG, JRPG, fighting games, etc.)
  • Retro gaming (not the most lucrative niche, but it’s there)
  • Casual gaming (enormously lucrative and growing every day, great potential here)
  • Hardware blogging, such as tweaking PC performance or drooling over the PS4 GPU
  • Visual novels
  • Interactive fiction
  • Engine-specific (writing exclusively about RPG Maker games or Love2D releases)

One of the best ways to claim a niche is to create it with your own unique style. Some people write lengthy articles about the games they complete, some rant about things on YouTube, others write articles filled with exclamation marks about Lara Croft. If you’re doing something different from the rest of the gaming publications out there, you might get noticed.

Finding your style is a simple matter of writing on a regular basis. With time and attention you’ll discover which topics you prefer covering and how you like to talk about them. Not everyone can write a good rant. Maybe you’re more of the cheerful video game writer? You won’t know until you have a few dozen (or, more likely, a few hundred) polished articles under your belt.