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Where field of view is everything.

Hey, guys! We’re working on a brand-new gaming magazine. The magazine itself is unrevealed and being kept under wraps in case a different manifests that sounds better.

We are – for the time being – trying to build up an audience and content for the first issue. As such, it is volunteer and will remain that way until we begin selling issues on a semi-consistent manner.

What will I write?

The content will primarily be full of reviews of games new and old, video game profiles, guides of games (specific quests or easter egg content), listicles, opinion columns, and in-depth feature pieces that will be promptly featured.

How will it be sold and its schedule?

The magazine will be sold digitally and physically via MagCloud. We aim to host bi-monthly magazine, but… that can only be aided by your help and how much you’re willing to contribute.

How much should I contribute?

While I encourage you pen as much as you can, I’m aware the lackluster feelings you may have towards a volunteer publication. As such, our general goal is having each contributor/reporter contribute two articles a month, leading to a total of four articles every issue, BUT with life as it is, I won’t judge if you can’t meet the deadlines every now and then. Just be honest.


As this isn’t just an easily editable website to fix errors, we do have a level of standards to abide by.

  • Have fluent/native English writing.
  • Able to produce content that needs minimal editing.
  • Able to write content that has the potential to capture an audience.
  • Have work/writing ethics.

Do I need experience?

This magazine aims to be as professional as possible. While at least a year for experience writing for newspapers/websites is preferred, it isn’t necessary provided you can prove your skills via a blog, school paper, or other means of writing, such as a test assignment where you give it your all and your best foot forward.

How do we communicate?

The magazine will be utilizing Discord to communicate.

Will the magazine be a website?

We may – if needed – decide to siphon content onto a website, but keep priority over the magazine and only drop some articles every now and then.

How long will the issues be?

That is – once again – based on contribution. I hope to have at least 20 pages, but there may be issues that could be as short as 10-15 pages or issues as long as 40 pages. You get my point.

Will we cover sensitive topics?

We may offer some sensitive topics to discuss, but it is entirely up to you to cover. If you are not comfortable, then please tell me (I’m the editor-in-chief) and I will seek someone else to cover it or if no one is, then it will be dropped.

Can I know the name of the publication

Following the written interview, I will divulge the magazine’s name and you will be asked your thoughts. As said, our name is not 100 percent set in stone. We will be reaching out to get a grip of what you think it should be called.

Game codes?

I will be making efforts to pull some strings to try and coerce indie devs to provide games for review, but no promises from the get-go.

What happens once we get sales?

Once we get consistent and good sales that last for three to four months then I will divvy up the contributing writers of that issue.

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